#TejTalks is a universe of content authored and posted by technologist and investor Tej Kohli about subjects that he is interested in and passionate about. 

Tej Kohli regularly contributes #TejTalks blogs to a variety of platforms including CityAM, The World Economic Forum, The Motley Fool, Medium, Ghost, and Project Syndicate.  He also posts on social media as @MrTejKohli. The Tej Kohli #TejTalks website provides a single source of content aggregation for all of these #TejTalks blogs and organises them amongst relevant additional information, news, and resources from highly reputable sources.

Subject categories that can be explored on tejkohli.co.uk include AI, robotics, bionics, eSports, entrepreneurship, stock market investing, cryptocurrency, leadership, real estate, biotechnology, blindness, and poverty.


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Three Ways That Curing Needless Blindness Helps To Achieve SGD1

The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation is making large-scale high-volume treatment interventions to cure blindness as part of the United Nations SGD1 mission to end poverty in all its forms everywhere. 1. Technology Transfer One of the fastest ways to reduce inter-country inequality and reduce poverty is to spread modern, up-to-date technologies to the developing […]


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Tej Kohli Cornea Institute

Home of the Tej Kohli mission to alleviate and cure corneal blindness. Over 43,255 surgical procedures completed since 2015.

Tej Kohli Foundation

The Tej Kohli Foundation gives people second chances at life through transformative grassroots interventions and by supporting the development of life changing treatments.

Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation

Dr. Sanduk Ruit and Mr Tej Kohli are united in their mission to create a lasting legacy of social and economic change in poor and underserved communities by screening 1,000,000 people and curing up to 500,000 of needless cataract blindness. The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation is funded entirely from the private capital of Tej Kohli and the […]


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What Is The ‘Black Fungus’ Impacting COVID Patients In India?

The second wave of COVID-19 has struck India and the situation is devastating. Apart from COVID-19 infections and deaths, a series of fungal infections has also begun to take root. The ‘black fungus’ is known to medical experts as Mucormycosis. This ubiquitous mould is causing alarm in India as it is increasingly identified in patients who are recovering from COVID.

Plotting The World’s Exponential Technological Progress

Exponential growth is important. In May 2020 I wrote a #TejTalks blog about how my Kohli Ventures investment vehicle is focused on getting in early on exponential growth opportunities. Then in an interview on CityAM.com, I talked about how I am chasing the second wave of CRISPR-Cas9 because I believe that the technology is still in the early stages of exponential growth.


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To end extreme poverty, we must also end blindness

One of the underreported tragedies of our time is that nearly 90% of the world’s blind live in low-income countries where poverty and blindness perpetuate in a descending cycle. The main cause of this often needless and frequently avoidable blindness is cataracts, which affect 95 million people worldwide. In low- and middle-income countries cataracts account for 50% of all blindness, compared to just 5% of blindness in the West.

To Reduce Extreme Poverty, We Must Tackle Blindness

95 million people worldwide are affected by blindness or severe visual impairment due to cataracts according to the WHO. Nearly 90% of the world’s blind live in the poorest countries in the world. Cataracts in particular are disproportionately prevalent in low-and-middle-income countries, where they account for 50% of all blindness, compared to just 5% of blindness in […]


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The Philanthropy Handbook by Tej Kohli (Chapter Nine – Can It All Go Wrong?)

I hope that throughout this handbook I have already made clear that there are many reasons that you might refrain from philanthropy. I don’t wish to encourage you to retreat into a life of easy privacy when you could be using your time and wealth to make an impact on the world. I promote caution simply to ensure that your eyes are open to the fact that in becoming a philanthropist, you will be laying yourself open to new forms of scrutiny and critique despite your good intentions.


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Mission & PURPOSE

Why #TejTalks

The purpose of #TejTalks is to create a single online resource of aggregated content that is built around subjects which are important to technologist and investor Tej Kohli. Inspired by GatesNotes.com, the #TejTalks mission is to one day enable individuals and institutions to perform a ‘deep dive’ into our chosen topics and to become immersed in a diverse range of opinions and insights from many different thinkers from a variety of perspectives.

Tej Kohli may have provided the nucleus of content around which #TejTalks was first launched, but the long-term purpose of #TejTalks is to celebrate diversity in opinion and to give a platform to different thinkers and voices. #TejTalks particularly seeks to aggregate and share content from individuals from non-traditional backgrounds and those whose life experiences have been lived outside of normal Western conventions.

We know that positive change stalls when we attempt to postulate an answer without first asking the difficult questions. The purpose of #TejTalks is to enable deep analysis and inflection and to inspire individual actions and changes which can improve not just our own lives, but also the lives of those around us. #TejTalks also explores major challenges and advocates for solutions which might collectively make the world a better place.