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Artificial intelligence is an oncoming revolution which promises to impact every single sector of economic activity.  Omnipresent artificial intelligence has the potential to hugely improve every aspect of how we experience human life whilst also adding as much as $150 trillion to the global economy during the next few years. 

Thanks to 5G and an Internet of Things that will have 43 billion connected devices by 2023, the AI sector offers a gold rush opportunity to entrepreneurs who can create and leverage new modalities of data and then apply them using automation and robotics technologies.  And as the world toward an intuitive user interface that entrepreneurs can ‘plug in’ to in the same way as for the Internet, the global impact will dwarf that of the Internet revolution.

As well as great opportunities, the artificial intelligence revolution will also present new human challenges.  How can AI be managed to prevent widespread social disruption and the displacement of jobs?  How can we ensure that AI benefits everyone?  Who will decide on the ethics of AI?  And how will humanity ensure that it remains the ‘master’ of AI? 


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