#TejTalks is my blog where I share thoughts, ideas and updates. I hope that you will join the conversation.

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Mission & Purpose

Why #TejTalks

#TejTalks purpose is to create a single online resource of aggregated content that is built around subjects which are important to Tej Kohli. The #TejTalks mission is to one day enable individuals and institutions to perform a deep dive into our chosen topics and to become immersed in a diverse range of opinions and insights from many different thinkers from a variety of perspectives.

The long-term purpose of #TejTalks is to celebrate diversity in opinion and to give a platform to different thinkers and voices. #TejTalks particularly seeks to aggregate and share content from individuals from non-traditional backgrounds and those whose life experiences have been lived outside of normal Western conventions.

#TejTalks enables deep analysis to inspire individual actions and changes which can improve not just our own lives, but also the lives of those around us. #TejTalks also explores major challenges and advocates for solutions which might collectively make the world a better place.