Mr.Kohli is a blog written by philanthropist, investor and technologist Tej Kohli.

The purpose of the blog is to discuss, inform and give opinion in topics such as blindness and poverty, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and many more.

Mr.Kohli is an outlet for Tej Kohli to share thoughts, ideas, and stories. exists across a variety of platforms and websites including CityAM, The World Economic Forum, The Motley Fool, Medium, and Project Syndicate.


Mr Kohli’s latest endevour is to cure blindness in developing countries to reduce poverty through the Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation.

Here you can read about the latest updates on his mission to uplift communities as well as his mission to use evolving technologies to the best of the ability.

You can also read about other people he has helped and what he acheives throughout the technology and investment world.

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